The Bioagraphy of Alexandrov V.V.


Aleksandrov Vladimir Vladimirovich was born on February 04, 1933, in Leningrad. Remained with mother in the city when the Great Patriotic War began. All war and blockade lived in the city. After the end of the war continued training at high school, ended it with a medal and then arrived in the Leningrad State University on oceanology chair. Visited many scientific expeditions in the North, the Far East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Carried out a large quantity of scientific and practical experiments. At first protected candidate, and then and the doctoral dissertation. Wrote many articles and three books. All the life devoted to scientific researches that made a notable contribution to a world science. Loved books, poetry, to travel. Many fine verses are written to them.

It was married 2 times, father of two sons.

Suddenly died from heart attack on June 4, 2011 in St. Petersburg. It is buried on the Cemetery of Memory of victims on January 9th (being Preobrazhenskoe a cemetery). Till last days pursued science and gave lectures.

Positions and ranks:

Doctor of geographical sciences in the specialty 11.00.01 «Physical geography, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes». It is awarded by the solution of VAK at CM of the USSR from August 3, 1990 (Protocol No. 30d/14), DT No. 003583 diploma. Also this work was it is recognized as the best scientific work in 1992.

The senior research associate in «Physical geography, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes» it is appropriated by the solution of the Academic Council of Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry of I.M.Setchenov to the Russian Academy of Sciences. The certificate from June 3, 1997 (The protocol No. 4, the order from June 9, 1997, No. 106-K)

Professor of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, manager of laboratory «Electrophysics of natural ecosystems». Directed laboratory and conducted teaching activity.

Area of scientitfic interests:

geospace, water ecosystems, biomedical action of electromagnetic radiation on live organisms in vivo

Total number of publications: 160, including 1 invention (A.C. No. 64302, from 18.07.1972), 2 monographs, 4 specialized atlases for providing fleet, the monographic edition «Modern problems of studying and preservation of systems of the biosphere» (1,2,3 volumes); 6 large sections in monographs; 4 acts of practical introduction of scientific development.

Perspective of works: development of the new scientific direction – electrophysical researches of water areas, magnitophysics of biocenoses, bioelectromagnetism, the international cooperation in actual area of knowledge – a biological role of electromagnetic radiation (EMI) in the biosphere as a whole, ecology of the person and medicine, in particular, 2 monographs – «Fresh Water Electrophysics» (1986), «Ecological role of electromagnetism» (St. Petersburg, publ. of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, 2006, 716 pages) – it is noted by the following awards: the diploma for a victory in competition «The best book 2006» in the nominations «Electromagnetic environmental problems» and a medal by name M.V. Lomonosov, awarded by Presidium of the International Academy of Sciences of ecology and health and safety in 2007; the Diploma of 2 degrees for a victory in competition of educational and scientific editions of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of St. Petersburg in the nominations «Best scientific edition», awarded 26.10.2007 from Committee on a science and the higher school at the Government of St. Petersburg.; the manual for students «An ecological role of electromagnetism», 2010 - the Decision of Council of Presidium of Educational and methodical association on university polytechnic education of the manuscript of Century by Aleksandrov V.V. «Ecological role of electromagnetism» is appropriated a signature stamp "Manual" for students of the higher educational institutions, which are training in the direction of preparation 280200 – «Protection of environment» (the protocol of the Educational and methodical Commission from 05.10.2009, No. UMK-53-09, the Minutes of Council of Presidium of UMO from 12.10.2009 of No. 14/09)

Main scientific achievements: 

Generalized theoretical bases of an elekcrometry in open reservoirs, developed and introduced new methods of electrophysical researches of water ecosystems (1970, 1973). Revealed regularities of formation, and dynamics of natural electromagnetic fields in the fresh-water environment, obtained priority data on electrobiology of water organisms (a plankton, fishes); Developed ways of express quality control of water, search and detection of anthropogenous sources of distortion of a natural electromagnetic field in water (1972, 1990). In 1986-2000 investigated influence of energy of natural and technogenic electromagnetic fields on animal physiology and the person in extreme laboratory conditions. Revealed physiological reactions of water organisms to impact of weak nonionization electromagnetic radiation in an ultralow-frequency range and defined criteria of prelethal doses of radiation (1992-2000).

The doctoral dissertation was estimated and allocated among works in 11.00.01 VAK of the Russian Federation in 1992 (Bulletin VAK No. 6, 1992, page 21).

Pedagogical work conducted with 1970 (theses and lecturing in St.Petersburg State University and Russian state hydrometeorological university). From 1995 to 2004 in St.Petersburg State Polythechnical University, ISF, chair "Ecological bases of environmental management" taught a training course "Electromagnetic ecology", since spring of 2005 started implementation of the new program and lecturing in the scientific direction "Protection of environment against power influences" for students of the V course. Organized scientific Laboratory "Electrophysics of natural ecosystems", carried out researches on identification of a physiological role weak, extreme characteristics of an electromagnetic field of nonionizing radiation in various conditions of habitat.

In 1996-2000 the structure of Specialized Council of 063.57.42 on protection of doctoral and master's theses entered at the St. Petersburg State University.

V. V. Aleksandrov received encouragement for successful scientific work and thanks, Certificates of honor of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1974) and LNTs (1981) Presidium, the Honourable diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (2003), was repeatedly awarded by a personal grant of the President of the Russian Federation, has all Government awards devoted to anniversary memorials, connected with the Great Patriotic War and fascist blockade of Leningrad by 1941-1945.

The international biographic center (IBC, England, N 966274) included data on prof. Aleksandrov in the XXXI edition of the biographic dictionary (2004, Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge).

State and public awards:

  • The drummer of communistic work, the certificate of 1960;
  • The certificate of honor from President Academy of Science of the USSR «For successes in work, active participation in public life of collective and in connection with 250 summer anniversary  Academy of Science of the USSR », the Order from February, 8th, 1974;
  • The certificate of honor from the President of Leningrad center of science Academy of Science of the USSR for successes in socialist competition in 1981;
  • The state scientific grants for scientists of Russia (the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994-1996, 1997-2000).
  • Sign «Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad», the certificate A 03179, from 7/31/1989;
  • Anniversary medal «50 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945», Е № 5263750 from March, 22nd, 1995;
  • Commemorative medal «In honor of the 60 anniversary of outright release of Leningrad from facists blockade» from December, 16th, 2003, № 87;
  • Anniversary medal «In memory of the 300-th anniversary of St.-Petersburg» from August, 4th, 2003, № 048330;
  • Medal «60 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945», A № 7876611 from February, 28th, 2004;
  • Gratitude of SPb of the State technical university for diligent fruitful work and in connection with the 70 anniversary from the date of a birth, the Order from January, 30th, 2003, № 23-0;
  • The certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, «The Prof. Aleksandrov V. V is awarded for long-term fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity, the big contribution to business of preparation of highly skilled experts», the Order from November, 5th, 2003, № 17/796;
  • The international medal «The 2005 Man of the Year», for professional work, is awarded American Biographical Institute;
  • The international medal «The World Medal of Freedom» for the individual contribution to scientific activity and new achievements, is awarded American Biographical Institute, 2006;
  • The diploma for a victory in competition «The Best book – 2006» in a nomination «Electromagnetic problems of ecology», is awarded monographies «Ecological role of electromagnetism» by Presidium of the International Academy of Sciences of ecology and health and safety, 2007;
  • Medal by name M.V.Lomonosov, it is awarded by Presidium of the International Academy of Sciences of ecology and health and safety from February, 22nd, 2007, reg. № 000295/158;
  • The diploma of II degree for a victory in competition educational and scientific editions of high schools of St.-Petersburg in a nomination «Best scientific edition» Aleksandrov Vladimir Vladimirovich's St.-Petersburg State university «Ecological role of electromagnetism». The government of St.-Petersburg, committee on a science and the higher school, from October, 26th, 2007;
  • Biographic data are included in «Dictionary of International Biography», 31-st Edition, 2004, p.74.

Was the participant in the scientific organizations and societies:

  • The full member of the All-Russia Geographical Society since 1954
  • The full member of Saint-Petersburg of Society of scientists since 1986
  • The full member of Saint-Petersburg of the House of Scientists of A.M.Bitter, since 2001
  • The full member of the All-Russia physiological society of Pavlov's Nominative since 1995
  • The full member of European Bioelectromagnetic Association (EBEA) since 1990
  • The full member of International Committee for Research and Study of Environmental Factors (C.I.F.A.) since 1990
  • The full member International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Science, section Ecology. Diploma No. 02024 from April 24, 2003
  • The full member of the House of Scientists in Wood (Saint-Petersburg State Polythechnical University) since 1996
  • The full member of Society by inhabitants of blockade Leningrad "Children-900" since 1994, the Volunteer Society since 1991

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