Alexandrov Vladimir Vladimirovich (04.02.1933-04.06.2011)


In April, 2012 the site is devoted to memory of the outstanding Russian scientist and researcher Aleksandrov Vladimir Vladimirovich (04.02.1933-04.06.2011) opened.

On a site its biography is presented, articles, scientific achievements and the published monographs and books are collected it. 

The purpose of creation of this site is promoting of those ideas and scientific achievements which were put forward and made by Aleksandrov V. V. during his life since all of them have applied practical value in life of each person. We hope that information presented here, will help all – to school students, students, young scientists, masters of a science, and also all to those to whom the destiny of our planet isn't indifferent.

Aleksandrov V. V. all scientific materials are in a free access. Are protected by the law on copyright. The reference at a reprint is obligatory.